Extract of Report by Arthur Williams - Governor of All Saints Cof E Primary School Breakfast Club

"Excellent leadership !!. There are two adults leading the group. Both had friendly yet firm relationships with the children. Food was well prepared and displayed. The fruit plate was well presented, toast was warm and drinks were of a good quality. Many children returned to the fruit plate and the fruit that was left over went to the infant class. Children were well behaved. They got on well together, mixing across classes, older children cared for younger children and they all respected the routines of the club"......
"With out the service of ECE we would not be able to do our mission work in a comfortable way... Thank you"  ..Ji Young Lee  (IYF uk 2006)

"I love coming to the breakfast club every morning with my brother.  We get lovely fruits to eat, and warm toast. Our favourite fruits are mango, strawberries and melon. mmmm ! .. Kandice age 9, Kyros age 7

"ECE has worked tirelessly to ensure that the vision of "giving purpose to surplus" is a reality for those people in the Croydon area that are in need. It was a joy to assist June in getting an on-line presence for her organisation.  She was specific about her objectives and clear with her requirements.  Working with her was a pleasure"... Del Attah, Owner of Bizitas Ltd

"This is a fantastic initiative that supports the well being of pupils in our school, some of whom are vunerable because they might otherwise  not have a good meal at home in the morning or they might regularly be late in the mornings. Their support has helped us to keep the costs down, therefore giving better access to some families who might not otherwise be able to afford good quality care before school starts.  With ECE's support we can guarantee that 20 or more of our pupils get a healthy breakfast and a good start to the school day.  The children love the fruit and being able to provide it has given them the oppourtunity to try new things and develop new tastes.  On behalf of the school I would like to thank ECE for the contribution they are making to our school community and some of our young children...Jane Elliot, Headteacher, All Saints C of E Junior School, Croydon

"June is by far one of the most caring, lovely, compassionate women I have met and worked with. She gives perserverance a whole new meaning and I am glad to know her. I have seen ECE go from strength to strength and all because June wouldn't take no for an answer."..... Jason Grant, Croydon Enterprise’s District Centre Manager

" I was priviledge to work in a high paying job, that provided me and my family with a comfortable lifestyle.  We lived in America for a couple of years, but had to return to the UK when l was made redundant.  We were not able to claim any benefits for a long time, and had to get by with the help of my family living in the UK.  My sister is a project co-ordinator for ECE.  I was able to meet the requirements of providing food for my children with out the intervention of social services.  This organisation has been a life line to me and my family, and we are so grateful...... Anon, Tooting

"All the governors expressed thier wish to congratulate you on this marvellous achievement (QAVS) and to thank you for being such a splendid role model for the children, by showing them what can be achieved through caring,giving and perservering.. We feel very pleased and priviledged to have you working at All Saints...... Marilyn Kingsley, Chair